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Understanding the Instrument Family Tree

07/26/2018  - 3 Minute Read

Teaching young children about the world of music can be a daunting task. Heck, even making a list of instruments alone can prove to be a lengthy process. If a young child shows interest in music how do you continue to engage that interest? A good way to start is to teach them about the different instrument families. Let's take a look at what makes up an Orchestra. There are three major instrument families in an Orchestra: The Wind Instrument Family, The Stringed Instrument Family, and The Percussion Instrument Family. Each family has quite a few instruments within it. The Wind Instrument Family is so big that it is actually broken down into two sections: Woodwinds and Brasswinds. This is all good to know, but if you do not know what a Timpani or a Euphonium is you will simply become lost trying to convey its place in the music world. So what do you do?


HAVE PICTURES... Showing a picture reference to a child will help them dramatically in understanding what family an instrument is a part of, and its function. We've put together some references to help. Click here to download images of the instrument families to show to your child: Percussion Family | String Family | Wind Family. These pictures break out each of the instrument families and help to explain what each is.


TAKE THEM TO A PERFORMANCE... Find a kid friendly musical performance for your child to attend. Organizations such as the Waxahachie Symphony Association host an annual Symphony Performance specific for children in the Ellis County Area.


FIND AN INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO... At various times Ellis County Music Center will host an "Instrument Petting Zoo" at places such as the SIMS Library that will allow children to touch and even play instruments. Follow us on Facebook to get notifications when these events will be happening next.


Music is a wonderful gift that can last a lifetime if recognized and nurtured. It is worth the time to help your child explore the world of music. The cognitive skills, discipline, and enjoyment learning an instrument can give to an individual can make a large impact on their future for years to come.

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