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Let minor cosmetic blemishes save you money! and you can guarantee the purchase thanks to our Ellis County Music Center 30 Day Warranty Guarantee. 


Following the same system of manufacturing as the Q Series, the Amadeus flute invites the intermediate flutist to seize their potential and ‘Love their Sound’. The Amadeus headjoint is designed to provide a stable foundation to channel a growing flutist’s confidence.


Never before have the core fundamental principles of the Haynes Flute been within the reach of so many aspiring young flutists or amateurs. With step-up, high school and pre-conservatory models coupled with the Amadeus and Alto, there is now a Haynes Flute for this crucial stage of your flute-playing life. 


The AF580BO utilizes .016” tubing, Haynes A-442 Scale, offset G keys, B footjoint, French pointed arms, stainless steel springs, open cups and felt pads. A French style case and cover, swab stick, and polishing cloth are included.

Haynes AF580BO B-Foot Flute, Intermediate Flute, Pre-Owned w/ Case

    • Headjoint material/style - Silver Liplate & Riser/Amadeus
    • Body Material - Silver Plated
    • Toneholes - Drawn
    • Mechanism - Silver Plated
    • Springs - Stainless Steel
    • Includes Case 
    • Ellis County Music Center 30 Day Warranty 
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