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Styled after the iconic Laney LIONHEART range, the Laney MINISTACK is a small stack with a BIG sound, perfect for anywhere in the house, backstage or practice. The MINISTACK-LION model features a clean & drive channel, gain, tone and volume dial, guitar input, Aux in, On-board tape style digital delay with level control, headphone socket and the unique Laney LSI – Laney Smartphone Insert. The LSI allows you to connect your amp to your favourite guitar tone generating app to access all your favourite guitar tones. Loaded with 4 x 3” drivers the MINISTACKS sound as good as they look, with masses of low-end punch and mid-range clarity, great for getting inspired Just like the full size Lionheart stack, only smaller

Laney MINISTACK-LION Guitar Amplifier

Out of Stock
    • 4 x 3” Drivers
    • 2 Channels
    • PSU available
    • 6 x AA batteries
    • Clean & Drive
    • Aux In
    • Stereo
    • Tape style delay
    • Headphone socket
    • 3 Month subscription to UG
    • 6 watts
    • Lightweight & portable
    • LSI connecting cable
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