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Newly designed, highly polished bore

The new bore design, which incorporates vertical integration is similar to that of the YOB-841 professional model. This results in improved projection and improved tonal quality.


    Handworked keys

    Skilled artisans braze and adjust all keys on Yamaha oboes by hand to optimize the balance of each instrument.


      Newly designed undercut tone holes

      Also similar to the YOB-841 professional model, the new tone hole design provides the player with a smooth even response and improved intonation.


        Nickel silver bell ring

        The bell ring increases effective density of the bell for a quicker response and a more focused sound.


          Stainless steel French taper screws

          As a result of using stainless steel, the screws will be more resistant to corrosiion and will ensure a smooth, reliable action. The French taper design will allow for precise adjustment.


            Stainless steel needle springs

            Durability, key balance and a more comfortable feel are all benefits of using stainless steel as the spring material.


              Yamaha YOB-441IIAT Intermediate Level Oboe

              SKU: YOB-441IIAT
                • ABS Resin Body
                • Silver Plated Keys
                • Low-Bb Resonance Vent 
                • Fixed Thumb Rest 
                • American Bore Style 
                • Case Included 
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                3.  Complete all necessary fields. This includes uploading a file of the receipt, selecting the instrument model, and providing the serial number. *Reminder: only one rebate submission is allowed per individual. Therefore, each Yamaha My Account should have only one rebate submission.
                4.  Once all fields are complete and you have answered the survey questions, press ‘Submit.’
                5.  A confirmation screen should then appear which provides contact information for use in checking rebate status. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email that you registered, stating that your submission has been received.
                6.  Once the submission is verified as eligible and legitimate, you will receive another email from to claim your rebate. This can take up to 6-8 weeks to process.
                7.  Follow the link in the email you received and complete the claim process. The rebate is then sent in the mail in the form of a VISA Prepaid Card.  
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