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Instrument Rentals & Supply Packages

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Instrument Rental Program

Having a new student in School Band or Orchestra can be an exciting time. However, it can also be confusing and difficult to decide whether the student will make a long term commitment to their school’s program. At Ellis County Music Center we understand. That’s why we offer our Student Instrument Rental Program where you can make low monthly payments. If your student decides that the music program isn’t for them simply bring the instrument back after a three month rental period – you’re done. However, most students find that they love their music program. With that in mind we apply your monthly rental payments to the purchase of the instrument. Either way, your student can enjoy the Music Education Program at their school, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re supplying your student with a quality instrument without a long term or large financial commitment.


What makes Ellis County Music Center the best place to rent your instrument?

Simply put we have one of the best repair facilities in the southern DFW metroplex area. Our average repair time is under 48 hours. Unlike some other companies we don’t want your student to have to play a “loaner” instrument for weeks while they wait for a repair to be completed. We want your student to play the instrument that they are familiar and comfortable with the most – their own. When you pair this with our competitively low pricing you’ll find that Ellis County Music Center offers some of the best over-all value in the North and Central Texas Area.


Performance Advantage Program

What’s more is that Ellis County Music Center exclusively offers the Performance Advantage Program. As your student progresses through their musical studies their Director may recommend that they upgrade their instrument from a Student Level to a Performance Level. This may happen two or more years after they begin. At Ellis County Music Center you can apply 100% of the base rental payments made on your current instrument rental account (up to $600) towards the purchase of a Performance Level Step-Up. This gives you the confidence in knowing that the payments you’ve made toward an instrument rental are not wasted as your student progresses. Contact a store associate for more details on this program.

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