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Instrument Repair

Repair Policy & Warranty

All of our repairs come with a 30 day warranty covering parts and labor for work performed.

Full re-pads on woodwind instruments are warrantied for 90 days. Overhauls on woodwind instruments are warrantied for 120 days. *We are not responsible for lacquer finishes on internal cleans.

We will service most major brands.


Free estimates are available upon request.

Unfortunately, not all instruments are eligible for repair by Ellis County Music Center. In general, we will decline to work on instruments that do not have a manufacturer issued serial number. If we believe that the repair of the instrument would place unfair liability on our technicians, and/or could not be backed by our 30 day warranty we will decline the repair. 

Wind Instrument Repair

Simply put we have one of the best repair facilities in the southern DFW metroplex area. Our average repair time is under 48 hours. Unlike some other companies we don’t want your student to have to play a “loaner” instrument for weeks while they wait for a repair to be completed. We want your student to play the instrument that they are familiar and comfortable with the most – their own. 


Our Technicians hold over 30 years combined experience repairing brass wind and woodwind instruments offering full service repair.


Literally thousands of instruments are repaired at our facility every year.


Euphonium - Wind Instrument Repair

Orchestral Instrument Repair

We will service most major brands. Our stringed instrument repair services include the following:

Instrument Restrings

Bow Re-hair

Sound Post Setting

Bridge Fitting

Peg Fitting

Fretted Instrument Repair

We will service most major brands. Our fretted instrument repair services include the following basic services:

Instrument Restrings

Trust Rod Adjustments

Strap Button Installation

We currently do not offer the following services:

Nut or Bridge Replacements

Soldering, Pick Up Installations, Switch Repair

Tuning Machine Replacements

Violin - Orchestral Instrument Repair
Guitar - Fretted Instrument Repair

Help! - I need a Repair

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Need to pay for your repair?

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Other Repair Referrals

We currently do not offer repair services for Pianos, Speakers, and Electronics. We believe the following companies are long standing and reputable.

Piano Tuning & Repair - Thom Tomko 972-780-0143

Speaker Repair - Freeman Tuell 214-324-1132

Electronics Repair - Audio Electronics 214-349-5000

*Ellis County Music Center is not affiliated with these companies.  Utilize their services at your own risk.

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