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A 12th fret Dreadnought really works for many players – some say it’s because the position of the bridge is right in the middle of the soundboard. Some say it’s that your fretting hand is closer, or even just the overall feel and string tension. Whatever it is, it certainly works.


The MDR70ESB has a round and full tone with lots of clear bass frequencies and glistening trebles. Its response is instant, and its notes are clear and robust. When strumming, the FS6 bracing system and AAA Sitka top help deliver clarity and separation. The balance is clearly audible across all six strings.


The MDR is a beautifully finished instrument with a deep shine and thin poly finish. Traditional appointments come in the way of a slotted headstock, open gear tuners and pre-war style sunburst.


The projection and overall breadth of tonal reach in these guitars is outstanding, making it hard to put down for those players looking for a powerful open voicing and feel of a 12th Fret Dreadnought.


The MDR70ESB is fitted with the fantastic LR Baggs Element-VTC pickup with soundhole console.


Alvarez created the Masterworks Series to be the best value all-solid guitar line available to players today. Their specification is incredibly high in relation to their cost and they perform as all-solid professional guitars should, with fantastic response and projection.


Nothing can really match a guitar made from all-solid wood. The deflection of the notes is quicker, the quality of the sound is better, you can obtain optimal response and the sound of your guitar only improves as it ages.


After 55 years of making guitars, continual improvement through the use of emerging technologies, processes, and materials is still at the heart of their culture. Alvarez guitars are constructed correctly in every sense, from raw material preparation to construction and manufacturing processes.


Alvarez tonewoods are carefully cured; their components such as neck blocks and wood joints are carefully designed. The painting, sanding and polishing techniques they use are continually researched and developed, and their tone is impeccably crafted and married to a stable, consistent and lively soundbox.


This caring approach to development comes from one simple goal: To deliver the best guitars in the market at every price point, instruments that are truly amazing value and offer a fantastic player experience.


The term “all-solid” refers to the guitar top, back and sides being made of solid wood rather than laminated. However, even when the guitar is made of all solid tonewood, it only performs to its full potential when it is designed to get the best out of its materials and components. The tops they use in Masterworks are premium grades, which means they can make them slightly thinner to heighten vibration. The radius of both the top and back are also refined to help increase volume.


Each guitar is designed to get the best out of its components, and for them to work together. These components include our FS6 bracing system, bi-level bridges, real bone nuts and saddles, carefully seasoned tonewoods and a thin finish.


FS6 is a forward shifted X brace design. This means the axis of the X is closer to the soundhole, creating a larger soundboard area to harness more energy and vibration. Both the X braces and asymmetric tone bars are carefully scalloped, a design that was the result of continual development in their Yairi workshops. Their FS6 system brings uniformity across Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium, OM and Parlor body sizes, so that the voicing has a similar character, but the individual tone is more purely influenced by the size and shape of the guitar.


The Masterworks personality is open and powerful. FS6 also creates very good balance so both the treble and bass registers are clearly present and balanced in relation to each other. All of their tops are selected by their team and graded independently of their suppliers, then cured with care using traditional ovens and modern thermo-kilns.


Along with a more angled headstock, their bi-level bridge increases string tension by making the break angle of the strings from the saddle to the top more acute. Improved string tension adds to their sound, feel and response, which are also heightened by the use of real bone nuts and saddles.


Alvarez MDR70ESB Masterworks Acoustic Guitar

Out of Stock
    • Top Wood - Solid AAA Sitka Spruce
    • Body Finish - Tobacco Sunburst/Gloss
    • Back and Sides Wood - Solid East Indian Rosewood
    • Shape - Dreadnought
    • Neck - Satin Finish Mahogany Neck w/Dovetail
    • Bridge - Bi-Level Indian Laurel
    • Inlays - Mother of Pearl
    • Fingerboard - Indian Laurel
    • Headstock Plate - Slotted
    • Nut and Saddle - Real Bone
    • Tuner - Vintage Style Open Gear
    • Strings - D'Addario EXP16
    • Accessories - AF30 FlexiCase
    • Bracing Systems - FS6 Forward Shifted, Tapered Tone Bars
    • Neck Joint - Dovetail
    • Neck Meets Body - 12th Fret
    • Number of Frets - 21
    • Pickup / EQ - LR Baggs VTC Element System


    • Overall Length  - (mm)1010
    • Body Width  - (mm)395
    • Body Depth at Heel -  (mm)102
    • Body Depth at Base  - (mm)112
    • Scale  - (mm)648
    • Scale  - (inches)25.5
    • Number of Frets - 21
    • Nut Width - (mm)44.45
    • Nut Width - (inches)1 3/4
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