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Introducing the Eastman ETR520S Advanced Trumpet, a professional-grade instrument designed for the serious musician. Crafted in the key of Bb with a .459” medium large bore, this trumpet delivers a rich, full-bodied sound with excellent projection. The handspun, engraved, yellow brass bell, and wire-reinforced, torch-annealed bell tail provide added durability and resonance, making the ETR520S a reliable choice for any performance. The trumpet is elegantly finished with a silver-plated coating, giving it a sleek, polished look. Complete with a high-quality mouthpiece and a sturdy case with backpack straps, the Eastman ETR520S Advanced Trumpet is ready to accompany you on all your musical endeavors.

Eastman ETR520S Advanced Trumpet

    • Key of Bb, .459” medium large bore
    • Handspun, engraved, yellow brass bell
    • Wire-reinforced bell, torch-annealed bell tail
    • Silver-plated
    • Mouthpiece and case w/backpack straps 
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