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The Mapex Backpack Percussion Kit includes the 2.5 octave 32-note keyboard (F5-C8) with Silver Sparkle front rail, 1" wide tone bars, removable music rack, Innovative Percussion F12 IP-HB sticks and mallets, practice pad, adjustable stand, and Integrated Roller Bag.


  • Rolling backpack provides added conveniance for students unable to carry the backpack option.
  • Adjustable stand offers convenience.
  • Practice pad provides a more quiet option.

Mapex MPK32PC Backpack Percussion Kit with Integrated Roller Bag

    • 2.5 octave 32-note keyboard (F5-C8)
    • Silver Sparkle Front Rail
    • Practice Pad
    • Adjustable Stand
    • Innovative Percussion F12 IP-HB sticks and mallets
    • 1" Wide Tone Bars
    • Removable Music Rack
    • Integrated Roller Bag
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