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For those who are serious about clarinet performance, but need to keep an eye their budget, the 650 is an excellent choice. The specifications of its bell, barrel, tone holes and other features are close to those of the top-of-the-line Custom SEV model. As a result, its sound is warm, round, and deeply resonant. Whether you’re a student of the instrument, or play professionally, you’ll find the YCL-650II to be the best clarinet for the price.


Carefully crafted for superior performance.

Constructed of carefully selected and seasoned Grenadilla wood and boasting an enormous amount of handcrafting and hand-finishing, the 650 features tapered tone holes that are undercut by hand for precise intonation and superior tonal balance. You’ll also find beautifully sculpted keys whose touch has been regulated by master artisans for perfect balance.


An elevated level of comfort.

From the moment you pick up the 650, you’ll notice that every detail of the instrument has been designed for your comfort. From the leather pads that make breath flow smooth and stress-free, to the keys adjusted by hand using Custom-model techniques, the 650 makes performing feel effortless.



Yamaha YCL-650II Professional Bb Clarinet

    • Grenadilla Wood Body 
    • Silver Plated Keys 
    • Tapered Tone Holes
    • Adjustable Thumb Rest
    • Adjustable Neck Strap Hook 
    • Case Included 
    1.  Visit and click ‘Get My Rebate.’
    2.  Sign in with your Yamaha My Account or social media account.
    3.  Complete all necessary fields. This includes uploading a file of the receipt, selecting the instrument model, and providing the serial number. *Reminder: only one rebate submission is allowed per individual. Therefore, each Yamaha My Account should have only one rebate submission.
    4.  Once all fields are complete and you have answered the survey questions, press ‘Submit.’
    5.  A confirmation screen should then appear which provides contact information for use in checking rebate status. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email that you registered, stating that your submission has been received.
    6. Once the submission is verified as eligible and legitimate, you will receive another email from to claim your rebate. This can take up to 6-8 weeks to process.
    7.  Follow the link in the email you received and complete the claim process. The rebate is then sent in the mail in the form of a VISA Prepaid Card.  
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