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Students Rejoice

Laskey Protégé Horn Mouthpieces were developed to meet the needs of beginning and emerging horn players, providing a comfortable and stable foundation on which to perfect their embouchure. With a slightly oversized rim, allowing young artists to fit more inside the cup, the cup-to-throat ratio of this mouthpiece supports consistent breath flow and balanced flexibility throughout the instrument's ranges. Crafted from 360 free-machining brass, the Laskey Protegé Horn Mouthpiece is finished with a two-tone buffing treatment that polishes the rim for comfort and flexibility, while leaving the body of the mouthpiece with a satin look and feel. Plated with a triple-strike process of copper, silver and bright silver, the Protégé is ready for centre stage. 

Laskey Protege French Horn Mouthpiece, American Shank, Silver Plated

    • (US) Style 
    • Silver Plated 
    • slightly oversized rim best 
    • best for students
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