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Vic Firth’s Heavy Hitter Slimpad is a portable, hard-surface practice pad specifically designed to help the marching drummer keep their chops sharp off the field. Even when played with full force at the loudest dynamic, this slim pad absorbs the blows and controls the volume for longer and later practice. The thin, hard rubber surface provides the authentic feel and response of a high-tension marching snare, with quick rebound and tight articulation. Play on any surface, drum, or right in your lap. The durable wooden base and underside grip keep this pad in place. This pad also fits most snare stands for convenient practice.

Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slimpad Practice Pad

    • Portable hard-surface practice pad for marching drummers
    • 12" Diameter
    • Natural gum rubber with durable wooden base
    • Portable for practice on-the-go
    • Authentic marching snare feel and response
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