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Introducing the Eastman EFH463 Geyer Wrapped Double French Horn, a top-of-the-line instrument for professional musicians and serious students alike. This key of F/Bb Double Horn features a .468” bore, Geyer style wrap, and a handspun yellow brass bell for a smooth and rich sound. With mechanical linkage and an adjustable finger hook, this horn offers precise control and comfort for the player. The clear lacquer finish not only adds a stunning visual appeal but also helps protect the instrument from wear. The EFH463 comes complete with a Laskey Protégé mouthpiece and an ABS molded case for easy and secure transportation to and from performances. Experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the Eastman EFH463 Geyer Wrapped Double French Horn.

Eastman EFH463 Geyer Wrapped Double French Horn

    • Key of F/Bb Double Horn, .468” bore
    • Geyer style wrap
    • Handspun yellow brass bell
    • Mechanical linkage and adjustable finger hook
    • Clear lacquer finish
    • Laskey Protégé mouthpiece and ABS molded case
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