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Following the same system of manufacturing as the Q Series, the Amadeus flute invites the intermediate flutist to seize their potential and ‘Love their Sound’. The Amadeus headjoint is designed to provide a stable foundation to channel a growing flutist’s confidence.


Never before have the core fundamental principles of the Haynes Flute been within the reach of so many aspiring young flutists or amateurs. With step-up, high school and pre-conservatory models coupled with the Amadeus and Alto, there is now a Haynes Flute for this crucial stage of your flute-playing life. 


The AF580BO utilizes .016” tubing, Haynes A-442 Scale, offset G keys, B footjoint, French pointed arms, stainless steel springs, open cups and felt pads. A French style case and cover, swab stick, and polishing cloth are included.

Haynes AF580BO B Foot Intermediate Flute

    • Headjoint material/style - Silver Liplate & Riser/Amadeus
    • Body Material - Silver Plated
    • Toneholes - Drawn
    • Mechanism - Silver Plated
    • Springs - Stainless Steel
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