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The Hodge Silk Bari Sax Swab

The silk baritone saxophone swabs are uniquely designed to swab out the circular part of the body after each playing session. This swab is designed to keep this area clean and to keep gunk from building up. It is a foam covered flexible snake, 24 inches long and the diameter of the bore of the circular section of the saxophone, with a silk covering which quickly absorbs the water that has accumulated. This swab is pushed into the top of the saxophone and around the loop and then pulled back out removing the moisture. The neck is cleaned similarly.

Hodge Silk Baritone Saxophone Swab

$32.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
    • Pure Silk Covering
    • Absorbent
    • No Lint
    • Foam Tube
    • Stainless Steel Snake Inside
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